Vibetr is a Social Network dedicated to leverage the broadcasters content and provide interaction with their audience. The platform is a broadcaster’s ally during TV shows, live sports and movie transmissions. We provide the tools to engage the audience with promotions, sweepstakes, comments and extra-content from the broadcaster and studios.

The advertisers will be pleased to know the broadcasters of their choice are also able to offer an interactive, 2 way channel, to engage their target with no need to type odd URLs on their mobile devices.


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Now the advertisers are able extend the old 30″ TV spot time and engage with the audience when they’re relaxed on the couch. No need to┬ásend the audience to a clunky-non-mobile-friendly-website. No need to bypass friend’s messages and lol cats in┬áSocial Networks to have the target reaching the destination suggested on the TV spot.

Vibetr brings the necessary social networks features to keep the user entertained and make the advertisers’ message viral in a quick, easy and fun way to the audience.


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Leverage and extend the contents of TV productions and movies. Let the users know more about the characters and their motivations.

Provide the product placement partners an easy way to show more about their products and brands to the audience.

Is there a sequel or next chapter coming up? Are there extra-features, behind the scenes, soundtracks and other contents your audience may look for? Vibetr can easily connect the audience in a deeper level with our partners’ productions.


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